Saturday, October 3, 2009

Short Rom Com in which the Pregnant Girl Actually Gets an Abortion

...and doesn't regret it.

You have to see this short film (below) by director Gillian Robespierre (posted on Jezebel and Bitch Magazine). It's funny. It's cute. It features a totally quirky main character, Donna (Jenny Slate), who faces an unwanted pregnancy (like Juno and Knocked Up) but who decides that single-handedly raising the byproduct of a thoughtless fling just isn't right for her (unlike Juno and Knocked Up):

Obvious Child from Gillian Robespierre on Vimeo.

Sure, the acting is a little cheesy, and obviously there's nothing wrong with women who choose not to abort. But it's important for films to show that abortions do happen and women can feel fine about them afterwards – especially considering that nationwide support for abortion has fallen slightly since Obama's election. When huge films (like Juno and Knocked Up) gloss over the abortion option, the process – which only takes a few minutes, by the way – becomes a scary mystery, a Big Deal that it doesn't have to be. What I like about this short: Donna goes through with the abortion, her friend and mother (who had an abortion herself) support her, the procedure isn't depicted as torture, and she still gets a cute, sappy ending.


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