Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gender-Neutral Housing Comes to Princeton

As our friend Emily Rutherford (Princeton '12) posted in Campus Progress yesterday, next year one of our dorms, Spelman Hall, will be gender-neutral. In a letter addressed to the student body, Undergraduate Student Government President Connor Diemand-Yauman confirmed the "pilot program," which will permit "male, female and transgender students to not only be in the same draw group, but live together in GNH suites" with "private sleeping spaces" and sharing a "common living area and bathroom."

Princeton joins a growing number of Ivy League schools offering GNH options. The Daily Princetonian writes: "Harvard, Stanford, Brown and the Penn all offer gender-neutral housing. Yale formed a committee last year to consider gender-neutral housing, but announced in March that it was delaying a final decision."

Though the GNH option is only available to those eligible to live in Spelman (and thus no underclassmen), Emily writes that "it's a major change in university policy that brings Princeton quite dramatically and unequivocally into the 21st century."

Photo from (and of) Emily Rutherford.


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