Thursday, May 21, 2009

School's out - we're going on vacation!

As all of our readers on campus know, exams are winding down, and our writers are heading home for the summer. Thank you, to everyone who made the first year of Equal Writes such an enormous success - we couldn't be happier with the quality and diversity of the posts, and our readership has expanded significantly over the past eight months. It's hard to believe that we just started this year. But we're incredibly happy that people at Princeton have been so plainly eager to engage in a dialogue about feminism and gender issues. And all of your devoted readership made that dialogue happen!

Thanks again and congratulations to our founder, Chloe Angyal, who's graduating, and congrats also to our seniors (Jordan Bubin, Franki Butler, Jordan Kisner, Molly Borowitz, Beverly Nwanna, Angie D., and Roscoe Cafaro). We're sure that they're going to do amazing things next year, and some of them will be writing articles next year about their post-Princeton lives, so stayed tuned!

Many of our writers are taking a much-deserved break until the fall semester, but others will be traveling to exciting foreign countries or working at home on issues related to gender and feminism, and will be posting occasionally. Amelia will be posting weekly from Vietnam for the first half of the summer, and Josh will be posting from Brazil when he can. So keep checking the blog over the summer - there probably won't be a new post every day, but the material that we will be putting up will be very exciting. And we'll be back in full force when Princeton resumes in September. So stay with us - the Equal Writes you know and love is just going on vacation!

Lots of love,
Amelia and Josh


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