Saturday, May 2, 2009

A letter to campus about "Manicure for the Cure"

Dear Princetonians,

Thank you for your support and concern regarding Manicure for the Cure and its advertising campaign. Liz Consky and Brooks Yang, co-chairs of Manicure for the Cure, and Brenda Jin and Russell O’Rourke, engineers of the counter-ads and slogans, would like to issue the following joint statement about our views:

We believe there are two different issues being debated, which recent coverage from the Princetonian has turned into a single issue. We publicly recognize that the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which advocates breast cancer research and awareness, is not a cause that should be overlooked. The counter-ad campaign calls into question the implications of the advertisement rather than condemning the event. Several of the counter-ads have been removed at the request of Manicure and with the consent of Brenda and Russell.

We maintain that it is okay to disagree and discuss differences of opinion, and we are delighted that the recent heightened activism in response to the ongoing debates has been one that has raised awareness for both breast cancer research and feminism.

We are very grateful for a variety of feedback and individual discussions that are taking place, and we urge you to attend a public forum next week for all who are interested in discussing the issues at hand. Please be on the lookout for information about this event and come to express your views. We hope that this discussion can be part of an ongoing one on the Princeton campus.


Liz Consky, Manicure for the Cure
Brooks Yang, Manicure for the Cure
Brenda Jin, Class of 2010
Russell O’Rourke, Class of 2011


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