Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Be a health peer advisor next year!

Ever wanted to get in-depth training, programming experience, spend time with peers who have similar interests? Don't miss this dynamic leadership opportunity to be involved in the 2009-2010 school year. Applications due, April 13th, 2009 (Except for SHARE).

The Eating Concerns Advisors (ECA's) work to promote awareness of issues surrounding eating and body image as well as those resources on campus available to students who have related concerns. ECPEs are interested in recruiting individuals who wish to promote dialogue and improve the campus culture regarding these issues. For an application go here:

Healthy Minds address a variety of mental health issues as they affect the Princeton student body, with particular focus on stress and depression. Current projects are aimed at raising awareness of common emotional/psychological issues, as well as resources available on campus, with the ultimate goal of creating an environment where students struggling with mental illness can get help without feeling isolated or embarrassed. Group members have a varying degree of interest in health-related careers, but all share a desire to help their fellow students! For an application go here:

Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources, and Education (SHARE) Peer Educators serve the Princeton University community by providing campus-wide support and information to survivors of abuse, assault and harassment and their friends. SHARE Peers Educators provide outreach in the form of workshops and programming regarding sexual assault, relationship abuse, sexual harassment and harassment based on sexual orientation. For more information email

The Sexual Health Advisors (SHA's) educate and advise students with all aspects of healthy sexual decision making, including decisions about sexual activity and abstinence, STIs and pregnancy prevention, relationship health, LGBT issues, and other sexual health topics. We serve the full spectrum of sexual decisions made on campus, supporting and helping students to make those decisions in a healthy and healthful way. SHAs are trained to help with the many topics we cover through fascinating discussions of an enormous variety of sexual health issues, and we then use our training to plan fun and purposeful programs for students throughout the year. For an application go here:


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