Thursday, April 16, 2009

Afghan protesters stoned during marriage law protest

This is truly horrible. From CBC:

"About 300 mostly young women gathered in Kabul to show their opposition to a recently passed law that forbids women from refusing to have sex with their husbands and requires them to get a male relative's permission to leave the house.

The demonstration, organized by women's rights activists in the country, occurred in front of a Shia mosque recently built by a cleric who helped craft the law. Critics of the law say it effectively legalizes rape within marriage and is a return to Taliban-style rule.

About 1,000 people opposed to the protest surrounded the women and threw gravel and small stones as police struggled to hold them back. The group of counter-protesters included both men and women."

The people stoning the protesters shouted things like "You are a dog. You are not a Shia woman!" and "Death to the slaves of the Christians."

Thankfully, there were no reports of injuries (although who knows if this is true). But the amazing thing is that even though these women are being persecuted for this brave stance against an oppressive law, it's helping to unite the protesters even more.


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