Monday, March 30, 2009

You can hide keys there?!?!?

by Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux

A friend sent me this website earlier today, and I spent far too much time perusing it, and wondering guiltily whether I should be finding it quite so hilarious. The site, (make sure you spell it right!), is the brainchild of three (presumably young) men who are "baffled" by women and are trying to work out their issues with the ladies by...mocking them ruthlessly? The site is divided into useful categories like "sex", "dating", "moms" and, my personal favorite, "wtf" and basically consists of strange anecdotes and observations about women that range from strange to disturbing to really fucked-up.

For example, at the top of today's page, a story from Cosmo (so you know it's good) - a woman got into a fight with her boyfriend in a parked car, and to keep him from driving away, stowed the key in her vagina. They later made up (although I know that I wouldn't be in the most forgiving mood with a car key stuffed up there), but discovered, to their horror, that the key had somehow gotten lost. When they went to the hospital, the doctor couldn't find it either, so they concluded that it must have fallen out somewhere near the car.

This story is just plain weird, and the rest of the site doesn't make any more sense. Even though I know that there are parts of it that definitely offend me (for example, the post that mocks women's weight issues), it's also pretty obvious that these guys can't live up to the subheading of their site "Women Be Trippin - And We Know Why." People are crazy, and some of them are women, but these guys have no idea why. So now someone just needs to start "Men Be Trippin," and we'll have twice as many borderline-offensive stories to laugh at.


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