Monday, March 2, 2009

Why I love the NYT's multimedia department

The New York Times has a really interesting graphic about the wage gap. Take a's sobering, even in the wake of the passage of the Fair Pay Act.

Some disturbing statistics:
  • In the law, women make 22% less than men
  • Female retail sales workers make 34% less than their male counterparts
  • Female medical scientists make a whopping 37% less than their male colleagues
Only social workers seem to be safe - here, men only make 1% more than women. But let's remember that social work, and secretarial work, and elementary school education, which are all professions where the wage gap is smaller, are traditionally female-dominated fields, seen as part of the "female" sphere. And there are only a few places where woman actually make more than men (special education teachers and postal clerks).

Food for thought, eh?


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