Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sisterhood? What does that mean?

When most people in our generation think about sisterhood, it has something to do with a group of teenage girls sharing pants, not the powerful catalyst for change that second-wave feminists imagined.  But that original vision of sisterhood is something that we need to remember.  Our wonderful editor emeritus, Chloe Angyal, just had an op-ed published in the Christian Science Monitor about the "electrifying power" of sisterhood.  She points out the animosity that often characterizes relationships between older and younger women, and calls for a return to one of feminism's key values: sisterhood.  It's a really wonderful piece, and it points out something that I think we often forget - in a world that silences women, we can't afford to ignore each other.  It may sound like a platitude, but those women in the '60s were right - sisterhood is powerful.  And even when it seems like women are judging or demeaning others, it's something that we have to remember - this is bigger than Meghan McCain or Laura Ingraham.  And there are still plenty of problems around - problems that women need to tackle together.


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