Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick hit: Are we relevant?

A Princeton freshman, Emily Rutherford, has an interesting take on the relevance of feminism (something I know we all struggle with) on her personal blog. Take a look - she raises some important questions about why we can't make feminism apply to all women, and what feminism ideally should be. Are we liberated women? What on earth does liberation really mean? And does feminism actually have the power to liberate? I just had a conversation in a lunch discussion about the intersections between race, class and gender, and we came to the conclusion that feminism needs to integrate these issues before we move forward - but how the hell do we go about doing that? At Equal Writes, we know feminism is (or should be) a big tent - but how can we make other people feel that way?

These are big questions. Feel free to comment.


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