Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New series!

We're excited to announce that Equal Writes will be hosting a series of posts from an outside contributor over the next seven weeks. The posts will explore chronic sexual pain, something which is relatively unknown to most people. We'll be putting them up weekly, on Thursdays, so stay tuned for this fantastic series!

Here's an introduction from the series' author, Anna Rose:

When I was nineteen, I was diagnosed with a chronic sexual pain disorder. I was shocked to discover that such a thing even exists, but it turns out there are several of them. They can be physical or psychological, they can be the result of trauma or of nature, and if you let them, they can be crippling. The worst thing about them is that no one's talking about them. Most doctors don't even know they exist.

In the five years since, I've learned a lot--about sex, medicine, healing, and myself. This series is the story of my journey towards treatment and my experiences therein.


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