Monday, March 16, 2009

Life isn't all sunshine pool parties with boyfriends and waterfalls?

To brighten your day (it's really cloudy & cold where I am): Sarah Haskins! And she's talking about the woman we all want to be, in honor of that woman's 50th birthday. Sarah also wrote a fantastic op-ed in the Washington Post last week about Barbie's 50th anniversary if you didn't catch it. I was also one of the children who had Barbie-unfriendly parents (and yes, I had at least one birthday party at a museum...I was really, really popular as a child, clearly) but I think if you had a Barbie, or access to a Barbie through your friends (and oh yes, when I went to my friends' houses it was all Barbies and Wishbone), you probably treated her the same way Sarah did - chopping off her hair, leaving her pantsless in the middle of the floor. Why can't even children respect Barbie? Was it, as Sarah writes, because we sensed our mothers' disapproval, "or did we cotton to the stereotype and just assume that the pretty girl with the ample curves was dumb?"

Anyway, happy birthday, Barbie (a little late). And enjoy the dated Barbie commercials!


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