Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The personal is political - so get personal!

This Friday, the Princeton Pride Alliance is celebrating love in all its forms in an unconventional way. In an attempt to reclaim public space for expressions of queer love and to raise awareness about the heterosexist nature of Valentine's Day, they're holding a kiss-in. A kiss-in is like a sit-in, but with more tongue. Here's a message from Fiona Miller of the Pride Alliance:

"We're going to assemble as many lesbian, gay, bi, trans, AND straight couples as we can to have a little smoochfest. We want people to do whatever they're comfortable with -- kissing, hugging, holding hands, or just standing with us in solidarity. The more people who are willing to make out the better, obviously, but it's open to everyone. The purpose of the kiss-in, which will be explained on a flyer we'll be handing out, is exactly that of the LOVE=LOVE posters -- we want to reclaim public space for our couples, literally, and raise awareness about the invisibility many LGBT couples face on this campus."

As you might remember (or not, if you're not a crochety old senior), the LOVE=LOVE posters were all torn down a few years ago, but I'm hoping that this year will be a different story. I think the kiss-in is a phenomenal idea, and I'm so excited to see everyone come out in support of love of every kind.

This Friday at noon, outside Frist. See you (and your loved one/makeout buddy/total rando) there.


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