Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Hot girls?" How about "strong, talented, three-time national champion women?"

by Laura Pedersen

Last week some interesting posters popped up around campus. They were recruiting spectators to come watch Princeton's women's squash team play this weekend (the team won its third consecutive national title!) Huge congrats to women's squash team, but no congrats to whoever designed the posters, which tried to entice spectators like this:

"HOT GIRLS: May or may not be clothed. But they'll be cheering on Princeton at Saturday's Squash match."

Like I said, rock on, squash girls. But I've got no love at all for the brilliant person who thought up the totally original idea of using naked women to sell something. In light of the promotional angle used for this past Saturday’s match, I thought it appropriate to offer my own suggestions in response to what were, quite frankly, some offensive sales pitches.

1. “BEER. Will not be served by buxom beer maids.”
2. “HOT GIRLS. Will be willing to talk with you about their aspirations or latest research project. Will be fully clothed.”
3. “SEX. Will only happen if mutually consented.”
4. “BALLS. Get your head out of the gutter!”
5. “SQUASH. Actually the reason you’ll be attending this Saturday.”

To quote the Women's Media Center, sexism sells, but we're not buying it.

Ed: We've just heard from a member of the women's squash team, who said that the women played at Harvard last weekend; the posters were in reference to a men's regular season game that took place at Princeton last weekend.


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