Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22-28 is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

To find out more about the week and upcoming events, go to the National Eating Disorders Awareness Association website.

To find out more about eating disorders, go to the National Institute of Mental Health Website.

To find out more about why you deserve happiness and love, put away the scales and the mirror, and go hug your friends and family.

If you're worried about yourself or a friend and want to talk to someone, make an appointment at McCosh's third floor, or email the Eating Concerns Advisers (ECAs) at You can also email any of them personally:

Amanda Smith:
Grace Kim:
Julia Kearney:
Maddie Endicott:
Matthew Edwards:
Ros Kellen:
Abigail Weiss:
Sophia LeMaire:
Elizabeth Winkler:
Ada Amobi:
Euphemia Mu:
Stephanie Ng:
Elizabet Sucuyan:
Kaitlin Sennatt:


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