Thursday, February 26, 2009

Because those 100-calorie packs drive us WILD!

by Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux

This is really charming. There was an article in Tuesday's New York Times about the dilemma over at Frito-Lay, where they've discovered that women are snacking more than men, but not eating as many Frito-Lay snacks. What's wrong with those crazy ladies? To find out, Frito-Lay "researched women’s feelings about snacking and guilt to produce new packaging, new flavors and a new ad campaign, all in an effort to get women to eat Frito-Lay snacks."

Snacking and guilt? The good people at Frito-Lay quickly abandoned the idea that they should perhaps try to alleviate women's guilt. Instead, they have taken drastic steps not to "trip" it (because women's guilt is like a bomb...and when it explodes, you'd best not be nearby!). The accompanying ad campaign is called "Only in a Woman's World" and features four women who are “fab, funny, fearlessly female" (oh my God! Just like me!).

But just in case you're worried, Frito-Lay hasn't made the products too "girly." Because they're very aware that some of their customers are men, who aren't going to buy this crap. Just the guilty women.


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