Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Accomodation, anyone?

by Jordan Bubin

On a lighter note, for anyone out there who has trouble multitasking during oral sex, check out the Accommodator. On an abstract level, I can see the utility in this thing, but I feel like it would require serious dedication to make this anything other than a gag gift. I've spent more than one Saturday night in my hometown stopping by the local sex shop after the bars with my friends--it's a really small town, and it wasn't to purchase, but to browse and laugh at the things that Adam & Eve concoct, I swear--so I've seen plenty of strange things, the funniest of which tend to be aimed at those men who must be dedicated to having a solo sex life (I wouldn't want to put my penis in a $90 French press, but I think they sell such things for pleasure). But this is near the top of my weird things list, so it's worth an informal commenter poll--ladies? Seriously--would you want someone chasing you around the bedroom with this strapped to their chin?


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