Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ridiculous & offensive news of the day

by Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux

Apparently, according to Air India, there is an optimum weight for demonstrating how to buckle an airline seatbelt. And (you guessed it!) it isn't on the heavier side of the scale. Air India has dismissed ten female flight attendants who were warned last year that their "physical fitness" did not meet airline standards. The Delhi High Court upheld the grounding of these flight attendants last year, saying that they were contractually obligated to maintain a certain weight. The airline claimed that the women had been given "sufficient time" to lose the weight.

Didn't we deal with this back in the '60s? Air India claims that it's necessary to maintain "certain standards" in order to compete with privately run airlines. Because clearly, when I get on a ten-hour flight from New Delhi to London, it is my ultimate right to be served orange juice and unidentifiable airline food by a woman who conforms to a strict standard of beauty. Let's just go back to the good old days, when flight attendants were called stewardesses and got fired at the age of 32.

Via Huffington Post and Yahoo News.


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