Thursday, January 15, 2009

PETA likes to offend men, too

We all know that PETA likes to use naked women to make its point. As Ann at Feministing says, they tend to "take what should be a message of empowerment, Love-Your-Body-style, ("Be comfortable in your own skin: don't wear fur") and turn it into yet another affirmation of the female ideal."

But did you know that they also love to appeal to tired macho stereotypes of masculinity as a way to promote "ethics" and "justice?"

Check out their new ad campaign, starring Mickey Rourke*, which encourages people (presumably men), to "Have the cojones to fix your dog." Classy, PETA. Real classy.

*to quote my friend Steph, "sorry, but I'm not taking life advice from Mickey Rourke." Touche.


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