Thursday, January 29, 2009

More on DABA

Our own Laura Smith-Gary wrote about the nauseating shallowness of the Dating a Banker Anonymous ladies yesterday, and today Courtney Martin at Feministing also has some choice words for the Bergdorf's loving, bottle service-deprived socialites:

Commiserating about the new lack of bottle service in your life is not going to make you feel any better. It's going to perpetuate your psychology of deprivation (an ironic state for a group of women who can still afford to sip cocktails). What will actually make you feel better, I promise, is to get sober about who is most deeply affected by economic downturn in this country and start seeking justice more sustainable than getting rich dudes to take you out to dinner at fancy restaurants. Here are a few stats to start you off:

Women make up 30% of borrowers for mortgages, but are 32% more likely than men to receive sub-prime mortgages, despite slightly higher credit scores (682 versus 675).
-The National Council for Research on Women

The gender wage gap is now 22.2 percent.
-Institute for Women's Policy Research

Annual earnings for young men who are employed full-time year round are about 10% higher
than for young women who are employed full-time year round -- $30,786 compared to $28,008. Annual earnings for all other young men with earnings, which include part-time and/or part-year earners, are about 32% higher than for all other young women with earnings, $15,033 compared to $11,393.
-Legal Momentum

Hear, hear.
So, what have we learned from this? First of all, if you want to be free from the scrutiny of feminists, don't advertise your blog as a place where you can be free from the scrutiny of feminists. You're practically begging us to take a swing at you. Also, if you're trying to be free from the scrutiny of feminists, it suggests that you know you're doing something that wouldn't stand up to that scrutiny, like whining about how your former-master of the universe, married-to-someone-else boyfriend is no longer capable of treating you like a "costly investment," and being so incredibly vapid that most civilized people hope and pray that this is all a spoof.
We've also learned that no matter how much the DABA girls (their word, not mine) whine, they're not even close to suffering. There are people out there with real problems. Not that a complete ignorance of your own privilege isn't a real problem. It's just not nearly as crushing a burden as, say, having to cook your own dinner.
And finally, in the words of Ms. Smith-Gary, "recession= adultery killer." Because if the DABA girls are giving an accurate account, cheating on your wife is awfully expensive.


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