Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chris Matthews: "a crepe of misogyny"

by Chloe Angyal

Elizabeth McEwan at RH Reality Check has a great piece up today about Chris Matthews and misogyny in the media. Matthews isn't the only offender, of course, but he's a top-notch sexist and McEwan does a good job presenting the many reasons why, if we're taking on sexism in the media, this guy should be the first to be kicked off the air. She describes him, with depressing accuracy, as "a crêpe of misogyny, double the deliciousness, with a flaky pancake of ignorance wrapped around a gooey inside of unapologetic enmity."

McEwan is particularly concerned with the parallel Matthews drew a few days ago between the money in President Obama's new stimulus package that was set aside for family planning and China's one-child policy. To me, it's mind boggling that that Matthews doesn't seen any connection between family planning and helping people to feed and clothe their accidental families, but as McEwan points out, it's also highly offensive to compare family planning, which is often an act of compassion, to "state-mandated reproductive limitation which has resulted in the mass murder and abandonment of female infants" (and seriously, if you need an explanation of how family planning can help the government save on healthcare and welfare down the road, drop me a line and I'll explain it for you very slowly, using simple words).

I'm an MSNBC fan, really I am. I love Rachel and Keith and the whole gang, but when it comes to Chris Matthews, I'd much rather watch the SNL version.


At January 30, 2009 at 11:24 PM , Blogger Robert McGibbon said...

I thought the tone of McEwan's article was completely counterproductive. If you read the first paragraph, it's all the "my way or the highway", "you're either with or against us", everything-is-black-or-white simplicity that I'm personally done with.

I have eyes and ears. I have "the merest faculty for critical thought" and I can count. I'm also unconvinced that the debate is over. What ever happened to a fair trial? How about a sense of nuance?

Robert McGibbon '11


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