Friday, December 19, 2008

Top 5 feminist posers

From the fabulous Courtney Martin at Feministing, the Top 5 Feminist Posers:

5. The Spice Girls-will someone please explain how this could have possibly been misinterpreted as empowerment?

4. Tyra Banks-look, I know she does some awesome stuff, but she also humiliates young women pretty consistently on her show and refrains from any real interventions on ANTM when it comes to mental health issues...oh and there was that dead girl photo shoot

3. Diamond companies who advertise the "me ring"-Wow. So not only do the majority of you have heinous labor practices that affect women and children in mostly third world countries, but now you're trying to sell me the products of that labor through a bullshit idea that a diamond ring on my right hand somehow symbolizes empowerment? Wow.

2. Sex and the City-I know I'm going to get some shit for this, but I have to ask how we can consider something truly feminist that has NO CLASS or RACE ANALYSIS. I enjoy it. I'm down to watch it. But do we have to call it feminist?

1. Sarah Palin-I don't think I need to explain. But if I do, just read here.

Don't let jewellery cartels, record companies or TV networks tell you what empowerment looks like, especially if they're telling you that it looks exactly like their product. Don't buy into the notion that feminism can be bought. Instead, live it, breathe it, embody it and be an example for other women and men. To quote Mastercard, that's priceless.


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