Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Freaking out about making out

Hank Steuver has a great piece in The Washington Post today about the media fascination with men kissing other men on screen, as James Franco and Sean Penn do in Milk, which of course is all about the gay rights movement. Steuver writes:

Underlying [interviewer's] questions (and the answers) is this notion that a gay kissing scene must be the worst Hollywood job hazard that a male actor could face, including stunt work, extreme weather or sitting through five hours of special-effects makeup every day. We live comfortably, if strangely, in a pseudo-Sapphic era in which seemingly every college woman with a MySpace page has kissed another girl for the camera; but for men who kiss men, it's still the final frontier.

He's right on. If I have to hear one more Brokeback Mountain joke out of the mouth of a homophobic frat boy...


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