Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Yes, that's exactly how a woman looks"

By Chloe Angyal

Kate Winslet is on the cover of Vanity Fair this week, and the big news is that Winslet, having discovered that the rug on which she posed nude was not fake fur but real fur, has demanded an apology from the magazine. But she’s also angered by suggestions that the photos were photoshopped to make her look younger and thinner than she really is. Winslet's reps claim that she's just in really good shape, and that no photoshopping was necessary to make her look like this.

I’m going to have to quote the aptly named blog The Superficial, a site I love to hate (come on, we all have them). The Superficial writer, who seems incapable of writing about anything but breasts and how annoying the cast of The Hills is (I hear you on that one), left me pleasantly surprised this week:

Okay, seriously, who is looking at these pics and thinking: "Yes, that's exactly how a woman looks." (Not counting World of Warcraft fanatics, and everyone who beats me at Halo.) So, c'mon, Kate Winslet, cut the crap. The freaking T-Rex from Jurassic Park looked more realistic.



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