Monday, November 3, 2008

"I just stand there"

By Chloe Angyal

On Saturday night, John McCain was a special guest on Saturday Night Live. The premise of the show’s cold open sketch was that McCain and Palin, unable to afford thirty-minute slots on network television like Barack Obama did this week, instead had secured time on QVC, the home shopping channel, and were hawking a line of political collectible goods. Cindy McCain made a cameo in the sketch, acting as the woman who elegantly sweeps her hand over the goods (in this case, the "McCain-Feingold" jewelery line), à la those models on The Price is Right. When asked backstage if she was nervous about her brief appearance on the show, Cindy McCain replied, “Oh, no, it’s what I do best. I just stand there. I’m a pro at that.”

Say what you will about McCain’s policies, but I really hope that our next First Lady, whether it’s Mrs. McCain or Mrs. Obama, isn’t going to “just stand there.” I really hope she works for women’s rights and for any number of other worthy causes. I really hope she serves as a role model to women here and abroad. And I really hope she uses her position of considerable influence to demonstrate that women can be more than just decoration on the home shopping channel.

That said, the sketch itself was hilarious.


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