Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Women around the world weigh in on Palin

By Chloe Angyal
Last week, Australian women political leaders were asked if Sarah Palin's candidacy would help or hinder the cause of getting more women into Australian Parliament:
"In Australia, with Labor's win, Julia Gillard became the country's first female deputy PM. Bronwyn Bishop was elected the Federal Coalition's first woman deputy leader and, under Malcolm Turnbull, is now the first female shadow treasurer, putting her in the firing line (whether to shoot or be shot at) in the big economic debates that will dominate coming months."
Read what Gillard, Bishop and other Australian leaders had to say here.
Feminists in France, arguably the birthplace of modern feminist theory, have also weighed in. Feminist theory rockstar Julia Kristeva wrote, "The exhibition of this fundamentalist version of femininity and maternity in the American presidential election concerns all of us." Marie-Francoise Colombani of Elle, "the thinking Parisienne's fashion weekly" (a slight contradiction in terms, but anyway), adding that "worst enemy of woman is often a woman."
Check out what else French women have to say about Palin here. (And yeah, yeah, I know they don't vote, but America's global reputation and prestige are important issues in this election.)


At October 8, 2008 at 11:03 PM , Blogger Stephen Engel said...

Dr Ms Mandell, I just wanted to drop a note of appreciation for your courage and words introducing Sarah Palin. I'm a 48 year old man living in Minnesota. I was raised in a family of strong women, who excelled in their professions and raised loving families. Strong women to whom I often look for advice and encouragement. Learning about Sarah Palin over the last several weeks, all I could think was "Thank God", a strong, smart woman, who walks the walk, who I do believe is the face of American Feminism. So thanks for having the guts to say it, Kudos to you. It's too bad the closed minded, tunnel visioned, followers in the womens movement can't see past the pro life issue and continue to advocate on the behalf of males age 18 to 39 who are the biggest fans of pro choice.


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