Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin: “Government Get Out of My Way!”

by Elizabeth Winkler

How can any one hear that statement and not realize its overwhelming hypocrisy?! Yes, Palin says she wants the government to get off your money and your business – we won’t go into the details of that one just now – but what about getting off my body? Oh yes, please let me use my money as I would like, but don’t let me decide whether I should have sex, use birth control, or raise a child when my life is in jeopardy or I’m unprepared to raise one! It’s only my body, after all. It’s only my life.

And what about gay marriage? The fact that both candidates resolutely refused to support anything but the “traditional union of man and woman,” highlights just how far freedom remains from the lives of gays and lesbians across America. "Government get out of my way", but please control who I can love, marry and spend my life with. Really? Talk about government creeping into the bedroom….


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