Thursday, October 16, 2008

Palin detractors are "losers"

By Chloe Angyal

This whole "women who don't like Palin are just jealous" thing is getting awfully tired. Miranda Devine, of the Sydney Morning Herald, writes today:

"The intemperate reaction by women to Palin flags something beside ideological differences - a weird, visceral rage, with its roots in some entrenched psychic pain. There is an echo of bitchy high-school jealousy of the popular queen bee from the snarling, self-mutilating nerd and goths who vainly lusted after the cute boys she snared.

The consolation for the losers is that homecoming queens are meant to get married, get pregnant, get fat and lose their looks so the self-made strugglers such as Bernhard and Madonna can patronise them at school reunions. Palin, by having it all, has cheated. Not only was she Miss Wasilla 1984, but she married her childhood sweetheart, Todd Palin, kept her figure, had five attractive, seemingly well-adjusted children and was successful in her career."
("Well-adjusted?" Her son is called Track. That kid is going to have a complex and you know it.)

I'm so sick of these insulting claims that we women never progressed past high school and that we're stuck in an adolescent mindset that makes us want to act out our Revenge of the Nerds fantasy on Sarah Palin. Palin's detractors don't think she's a good candidate because she's laughably unqualified, and she endorses anti-woman policies. (actually, that's just why I don't think she's a good candidate. I'm sure other women have their own reasons). Her selection as McCain's running mate was pure tokenism, and thankfully, a lot of women aren't falling for it. The GOP vastly underestimated women if they imagined that we're dumb enough to switch our vote the second we notice that one of the candidates has a vagina.

Also, this is the BEST "ugly, angry feminist" picture I've seen in a LONG time. Ladies and gentlemen, the SMH is all class.


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