Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why vote values when you can choose "the hot chick?"

By Chloe Angyal

The New York Times ran an article today on Sarah Palin's male fans. I think the bit that made me cringe the most was this:

"...Ms. Palin’s stoutest defenders are often the Joe Sixpacks in her crowds, who shrug off her critics, ridiculers and perceived adversaries in the news media. They say they appreciate Ms. Palin for, above all else, how “real” and “like us” she is...Rob McLain, an insurance agent from Avon, Ind., [who] attended a packed Palin rally at an amphitheatre in Indiana on Friday night. Mr. McLain wore a “Proud to be voting for a hot chick” button..."

Yep, Palin is absolutely average, and she's hot. She definitely sounds like the best woman for the job.

Nothing says "maverick" like eight people getting together to do exactly the same thing.
Thanks to Chris and Osei for the tip!


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