Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feminist stereotypes

Courtesy of Ann from Feministing.com, here's the weekly Tuesday Ten. This week, it's the Top 10 Feminist Stereotypes:

1. We're frigid and hate sex.
2. We're sluts.
3. We're lonely "cat ladies" who can't get a man. Therefore, we are bitter.
4. We get knocked up for fun just to have abortions on-demand.
5. We're hairy, angry man-haters.
6. We're just desperate for male attention.
7. We want to dismantle the patriarchy so we can establish a matriarchy! Muhahaha.
8. We are intellectually unserious.
9. We are the sanctimonious women's studies set, with our heads up our academic asses.
10. We are loud-mouthed bitches who won't shut the fuck up and make you a sammich.
Ok, so the last one's true.

What are your favourite feminist stereotypes?


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