Friday, October 10, 2008

Feminism in the media: NPR, WSJ and the Prince

Check out these two articles, from NPR and the WSJ respectively, on feminism's many different iterations.
NPR has a an interview with Ronnee Schrieber, author of Righting Feminism, and the WSJ has an article that argues that women who choose to stay at home don't suffer any loss of power in their marriages.
Finally, Walter Keith Griffin, he of the ever-changing moniker, has a column in the Prince today about feminism and Palin:
"With a candidacy like Palin's, which means a woman has come closer than any other since Geraldine Ferraro to the highest reaches of our government, one could point out how far we have progressed as a nation. But the nature of Palin's performance showed me that if she were to ever become president, it would be the worst setback for women in at least my lifetime."
Read the rest here. And now, let the bitchy anonymous commenting begin!


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