Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Equal Writes clipping service

Here are a few good articles you might want to read:

Michelle Goldberg on the campaign, in The Guardian:
"...Republicans even stopped bashing the women's movement, trying instead to co-opt it. Hence all the recent crowing that Palin, presented as half Arctic Annie Oakley, half supermom, represents real, you-can-have-it-all feminism, the kind that might even appeal to disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters.
But now, losing, frustrated and discombobulated, McCain has dropped the pretence. The surprise is not his contempt for feminism, but his willingness to express it so baldly."

"We've all heard the stereotypes and assumptions--"she's pregnant because she was too irresponsible to use birth control" or "she got HIV because she sleeps around." But emerging data is shining a light on a very different story: an astonishing number of young women, while dating or in relationships, are raped or coerced into sex, prevented from using protection, or forced into choices that are not their own."

Lindsey Horvath on the campaign, in The Huffington Post:
"The modern feminist movement cares not about an activist's biology but rather about her/his activism. A commitment to campus safety and pay equity and marriage equality and positive body image are far more demonstrative of feminism than body parts. One could argue that Palin is as deserving of having her biology revoked as [President on LA NOW]Mandell is of having her NOW membership revoked because they each have abused their respective "powers" in the name of feminism. I am saddened by their choices as women leaders. They do not represent me or my feminism."

Anindita Sengupta on feminism and victim-blaming abroad, in The Guardian:
"I'm not advocating that we sacrifice ourselves on the altar of bravado and women's lib but isn't it time to give the blame back where it belongs? Our cities are unsafe. And this is largely due to poor infrastructure (dingy alleys, badly-lit streets, poor public transport) and inadequate or unresponsive policing, as a recent planning commission report said. Funny thing. Because there are occasions when cops swarm the streets. When a political bigwig comes visiting, for example. During public festivals, processions, the rare gay pride march. Clearly, women's safety is not so high on the priority list."


At October 25, 2008 at 9:51 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Urban problems are largely caused by urban males, and a primary motivation of their violent behavior is signaling their masculinity and alpha-ness to urban females. That this tactic works is amply demonstrated by the 70% illegitimacy rate of black women; it is not solid, dependable men who pump and dump, but these women nevertheless pursue alluring cads who have no way of providing stable assistance. If said women were wise enough to disincentivize ghetto-male behavior, at the cost of accepting a dependable but less attractive mate, it would go a long way towards solving the problem.


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