Friday, September 26, 2008

Talking Trash, Yet Saying Nothing

By Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux

We’re in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. The presidential candidates don’t know what to do. They are both doing their very best to avoid every question that Jim Lehrer throws at them, and John McCain is outdoing himself every minute with goofy facial expressions.

Barack Obama, meanwhile, is being too polite. There were fears that there would be squabbles, particularly because of McCain’s infamous impetuosity, but the candidates are getting bogged down in numbers and protestations of “that’s not true!” Neither of them are answering the questions. So let me just articulate a few things that I wish Barack Obama was able to say to McCain:

The so-called “female vote” (because, of course, all women vote together, and for whichever candidate the PUMAs tell us to) is being disproportionately affected by the financial crisis, particularly the mortgage foreclosures. And because women are still paid an average of 77 cents for every man’s dollar, we will be continue to be disproportionately affected throughout this crisis. Women tend to be financial losers after divorce, and because it’s still difficult to get adequate amounts of paid maternity leave, the decision to have children can cripple a woman’s career.

John McCain is opposed to the Fair Pay Act, which is based on the radical idea that men and women should be paid equally. And McCain (along with most of the political establishment and including, sadly, Barack Obama) is all too happy to tout his war record, but refuses to acknowledge the fact that over 30 percent of female soldiers admit to having been raped by members of the U.S. army - and those are only the ones who have come forward.

So yes, I’d like to see Barack Obama go after McCain a little more. These issues are just scratching the surface of McCain's propaganda. But I did learn something tonight: apparently John McCain did not win Miss Congeniality in the Senate. So I’m relieved that his running mate is there to fill the obligatory White House beauty queen quota.


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