Friday, September 26, 2008

Sexism and The Citadel

By Chloe Angyal

In a letter to the Daily Princetonian editor entitled “Next time, leave the clowns at home”, one outraged reader asked, “You have Princeton students humping each other on a football stadium ground in front of parents and girlfriends and you expect Citadel cadets to just to look away?”

I’m not exactly sure why sexually explicit jokes should be more offensive simply because they’re performed in front of parents (people who by definition have had sex at least once in their lives), or in front of girlfriends.

The suggestion that the Citadel cadets were justified in reacting with boos and threatened violence against the Princeton band because band members dared to pantomime sex on a football field 50 feet away from those cadets’ girlfriends is an offensive one to the girlfriends, and to women in general.

I thought the idea that the purity and innocence of womenfolk should be protected by the thuggery of men died years ago. Apparently I was wrong.

Perhaps Princeton should have left the clowns at home. But next time, I’d advise Citadel to leave the sexism at home.


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