Friday, September 19, 2008

If you have 20 spare minutes...

...or two blocks of 10 spare minutes, watch these two videos. Michael Kimmel is one of the country's leading gender sociologists, and has a new book, Guyland, out this month.
Check out this lecture, "Mars, Venus or Planet Earth? Men and women in a new millennium", which he gave at Middlebury a few months ago.
My favourite part: "A sociologist once came up with what he called 'The 4 Basic Rules of Manhood'. So guys, if you're having any doubts, follow these four rules, get them right every second, and you'll be OK. So here's the first one, and just get the first one right, OK?
1. No sissy stuff. You can never, ever do anything that even remotely hints at femininity."

Happy feminist Friday, everyone!


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