Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Birth control and abortion are NOT the same!

by Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux

Whatever you think about abortion and birth control, I think we can all agree that deliberately confusing women about their family planning options is not the way to go. In the midst of the fracas surrounding Sarah Palin, the "conscience clause" has gone through its comment period pretty much uncommented-upon, despite the fact that it allows health care officials to redefine abortion to include basic forms of birth control, and then refuse to provide it. The law is almost absurd in its scope (Bush seems to be intent on outdoing even McCain in the amount of anti-woman legislation that he can support) and the damage that it could do to women's health.

If you have a minute, send an email to the Bush administration and tell them that their outdated, misogynistic views on women's healthcare can't stand. This is not so much a question of ethics as of rights to basic information and medication. The comment period ends at midnight on September 25, and you can send an email through Planned Parenthood's action alerts, which I've linked below.


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